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A Proteq make balancing machine upgraded with Precibalance balancing machine instrumentation. The upgraded machine is turned into a modern computerized machine. The Precibalance balancing machine instrumentation enables the upgraded machine to deliver quick, easy and precise balancing results. The ease of use and precise unbalance results of the Precibalance instrumentation enable the user to extend the life of old machines for modern day operation at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Above video shows an upgraded Proteq make balancing machine upgraded with Precibalance balancing instrumentation. The upgraded machine features a modern computerized measurement system, remote angle electronic protractor function, seamless calibration valid over wide range of speeds. The capability of the Precibalance instrumentation to handle multiple sensor sources seamlessly also enable easy addition of additional functionality like additional drive arrangement such as belt drive or end drive for converting to a combination drive machine.

View showing the Precibalance force sensor on the upgraded Proteq make balancing machine. The simple modular design of the Precibalance upgrade kit enables most balancing machines to be upgraded and operationalized within a day or two, typically often within a few hours.