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Balancing Machine Upgrade – Requirements

Which make of Balancing Machines can be upgraded?

All makes of balancing machines can be upgraded.

Can a soft bearing machine be upgraded

Yes, a soft bearing machine can be upgraded. The upgraded machine can either be retained as a soft bearing machine, or converted to a hard bearing machine with mechanical work. A machine upgraded as a soft bearing machine can have the rotor calibration parameters stored in the software. So, for identical rotors run at the same rpm as during first run, the calibration parameters can be restored and recalibration is not required.

What should be the condition of old machines

Old machine should be mechanically and electrically functional. Ideally, the rollers should have eccentricity below 8 microns for G2.5 grade balancing and below 3 microns for G1 grade balancing. All the movement should be smooth. Motor and drive should run smoothly and with less noise. If not, recondition the mechanical and electrical parts as required.

How do I test eccentricity of rollers

  • Measure as shown in the photograph.
  • Rotate the roller gently / slowly. The eccentricity should be below 8 microns for G2.5 grade machines and below 3 microns for G1 grade machines.
  • In case you need to service the roller, change the bearing. Regrind the outer diameter. You need to provide radius / curvature on the outer surface of the roller. A camber diameter of 200 mm will be adequate for most applications.

My Present Balancing Machine is single speed. Can I upgrade it to a multi-speed balancing machine

Precibalance electronics is a all speed electronics with seamless calibration capability. You can upgrade a balancing machine to multi speed machine with ease.

Can I use an Electrical inverter / Variable frequency drive when I upgrade from single speed to multi speed balancing machine

Yes. You can use an electrical inverter / variable frequency drive / variable speed drive to provide multi speed operation. Follow the drive manufacturer recommendations on earthing and shielding. No other special work is required. Precibalance instrumentation kit is a shielded unit. Sensors come with shielded cables.

Can I use a local computer

Yes. You can use any computer with Windows 8/10. The computer should have a free USB port to connect the instrumentation to the PC

What is the configuration of the computer needed

A basic x86 based PC with 4 GB RAM, Windows 8/10 OS and a free USB port is sufficient. Any PC with Intel or AMD processor that can run Windows 8/10 should be able to run Precibalance software. Most commonly available PCs satisfy the requirements for running Precibalance software.

Can I use the existing RPM sensors and pickups / force sensors

Though technically it is possible, we will not be able to guide you in calibration since, we will not have information of your pickups, their condition. So, the Precibalance balancing instrumentation kit includes tachometers and force sensors or vibration sensors as standard supply.

What power supply is required

Precibalance balancing instrumentation operates with 90-260VAC, 50/60 Hz single phase power with neutral and earth is required.