Balancing Machines

Horizontal balancing machines

horizontal balancing machine
  • Horizontal machines are used for balancing components mounted horizontally.
  • Used for components like electrical motor, turbines, turbochargers, rolls and many others.
  • Available from few hundred grams to many ton capacity.
  • G2.5, G1 balancing grades available. Better grades available on request.

Vertical balancing machines

vertical balancing machine
  • Vertical machines are used for balancing components mounted vertically.
  • Used for components like discs, grinding wheels, flywheels, pulleys and many others.
  • Wide capacity range.

Assembly balancing machines

assembly balancing machine
  • Balancing machines designed to balance assemblies quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy to use. Simple to set-up.
  • Mitigate errors appearing from re-assembly by balancing whole assemblies in a single step.
  • Balance at the service speed of the component.
  • Modular design to add fixtures for mounting a variety of components.